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Who is Archangel Services?



What is the motivation behind Archangel Services LLC? To solve an all too common event issue that does not have to exist. Please continue reading because I have a strong intuition you will relate to the problem and why the solution, Archangel Services LLC, was established. Here is our story.

Remember when you had to plan an incredibly important event? You scoured social media, Instagram and Pinterest in search of the perfect arch or display you envisioned in your mind. Then, you find it! Right there, the picture of the perfect backdrop that will complete your special day.

Then, in a fraction of one second you decide that you’re not going to have someone make this for you because I can EASILY pull this together. From there, you start to think about everything you have on your plate and realize you’re barely sleeping now so there is no way you can take on another project. Now what? Panic ensues. You calm down and refocus. I can do this! You decide you can easily pull the display together to look EXACTLY like the picture and the decision is final. I need to save money so I am making this!

For the next several weeks, you spend countless hours scouring the Internet looking for all of the supplies you’ll need to pull your arch together. At this point, you’re easily several hundred dollars in and you still have to build it, transport it to the venue, and remove it from the venue when all you want to do is enjoy your special day. Then, it’s onto the after party!

When the big day is over and you think about all of the money you spent on the entire day not to mention the supplies to build your arch that was used ONE time. To top if off, when you see pictures you realize your arch looks like your best DIY craft project. Now, in an effort to recoup some of your expenses you decide I will never use this again so I need to sell it. The best way to see the items is through Facebook’s Marketplace. However, this process requires more of your time and energy to take pictures so you can cross post them on only to deal with numerous people who want to give you a quarter of what you paid. To top it off, not only are you dealing with cheapskates, the person who committed to buying your items changed their mind the day they were supposed to pick-up! Ugh, so annoying, right? This goes on for months only to recoup half of the price you paid along with a ton of wasted time. At this point, you’re probably thinking there has to be an easier way. Well, I am here to tell you there is and it’s Archangel Services LLC!

Owner, Theresa Tews, started Archangel Services LLC because she wanted to provide customers with a fast and easy way to rent special occasion arches that will make a venue look and feel incredible instead of a DIY craft project.

Photos taken on your special day, whether an engagement party, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, birthday, or any other event are going to last a lifetime so the the backdrop should look professional without having to break the budget.

Contact us today so you are not the person described in this all too common scenario!

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to supporting you by making your special day look and feel amazing.

God Bless,

Archangel Services LLC Team